The world is full of fakes and phonies, always stay true to yourself.

You will veer off the path a lot, follow your heart to get back on track.  Don’t let everyone’s opinion dictate who you are.

You will forget who you are when society tries to take control, find happiness in the simple things.

Stay true to your values and your heart, don’t change either for romance or a job.

Everyone makes bad decisions sometimes, don’t let those decisions ruin your impression of their true self.

Your life will be full of heartache and blindness, don’t get down on yourself.

Always, always trust your gut because it will steer you in the right direction.

Take every hardship as an opportunity to grow and learn or you will be overwhelmed with anxiety and negativity.

Friendships should always be valued, because duration of friendship means nothing when someone has no character.

You will have breakdowns throughout your life, but make sure you pick up your pieces and brush it off.

Never apologize for being yourself, because being you is the most authentic thing you can be.

Don’t let a job title lead you to treat people differently. Always lead with kindness and treat everyone as a human.

There are no milestones you need to hit at any specific age. Do what makes you smile at any age you want because age is just a number, don’t ever settle.

Don’t let the nosy people around you make you feel down with their questions, use this as a chance to teach others and help them understand life’s experiences.

Don’t let the pushback of your ideas stop you.  You know what feels right, keep going.

Ask others for help, you can’t do everything on your own. Face the fear of asking for help.

Kindness and love feel better than any amount of money.

Embarrassment is a part of life, don’t let it keep you silent.

You are not weak because you love and support someone that is changing their life for the better.

Confidence and loyalty are the sexiest traits.

Don’t think because something is popular that it is right. It is the path less traveled that makes the biggest difference.

Never be ashamed of your story because through it your authenticity shows.

Be thankful for your family and their love, they helped you become who you are.

People will come and go in life, sometimes suddenly and sometimes by choice.  Don’t chase them, just learn from the time you had with them.

Never feel guilty about doing things for yourself, if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of others.

Cheer for one another, instead of judging each other.

Always keep it real, but allow yourself to make mistakes. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Be your own biggest cheerleader so others can cheer with you.

Be a great role model for younger generations and your children so that they lead with kindness and love.

Love anyone you want, but make sure they are good to you and good for you.