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Relaunched and Refreshed

Katy Rey is back after a much needed break and ready for a new season of Not A Great Whisperer. She is relaunching with new

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Episode 105: Making an impact, with Joseph Resendez

Joseph Resendez joins Not A Great Whisperer Podcast to discuss his journey and how much he enjoys being the jack of all trades. Joseph specializes in photography, Jiu-Jitsu, social media, and the traditional Cannabis industry (joebroenterprises.com).

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Episode 104: You can do anything, with Rachel

Rachel Saylor Brown, joins Not A Great Whisperer Podcast to talk about her journey and career she has built for herself. Rachel was born and raised in South Carolina and moved to Florida six years ago. After working as an admin in Real Estate she decided to transition into the mortgage world.

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Episode 103: KC on the Mix

Kyle(KC), joins Not A Great Whisperer Podcast to talk about his journey in the music and recording industry and starting at the age of 16. KC began recording, mixing, & mastering his own records at a young age.

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Episode 102: Alexandra By The Bay

Brand marketing professional, content creator, and yoga instructor, Alexandra Ferraro joins Not A Great Whisperer Podcast. Alex shares her personal wellness journey in hopes of inspiring others along the way.

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Episode 101: Resilience is Life, with Lindsay DeAguila

Lindsay DeAguila joins Not A Great Whisperer to talk about how she has dedicated her life to adventure, travel and personal development. We also discuss her company Lindsays Apothecary and how it was created after being diagnosed with Celiac disease and really having to change her whole lifestyle with food and the lack of good, wholesome food in the market. She is passionate about creating opportunities that empower others to push their mental and physical limits. Lindsay worked in the corporate world for 6 years after graduating college. She decided to leave all of that and explore her passions.Lindsay grew up in a martial arts family and was always an athlete and remained active throughout her life. She continues to incorporate martial arts, yoga and self-defense elements to all her programs. One of her programs is “Empower Hour,” an experience everyone should try. Enjoy the real, unedited conversation with Lindsay and Katy.

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Episode 100: Making it to the 100th episode, with Katy and Chris

Katy and Chris join Not A Great Whisperer Podcast to discuss making it to the 100th episode and the journey it took to get here. They highlight this milestone by discussing favorite episodes and memories along the way. They talk about staying consistent and sometimes questioning the journey. Katy remains true to her passion of talking to individuals about their extraordinary lives and their stories. Connecting with real and authentic people is what drives her. All the guests have been a part of such an amazing experience and she is honored to have had the chance to interview them. Chris talks about being behind the scenes and supportive along the way. Enjoy the real, unedited 100th episode with Katy and Chris.

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Episode 99: Infidelity, with Chris

Chris joins Katy on Not A Great Whisperer Podcast to discuss infidelity, betrayal and addiction.They are not the sexiest topics but as a couple Katy and Chris are very motivated to help others and tell their story to put an end to the shame associated with infidelity and addiction. Katy and Chris talk about how society has normalized very toxic behaviors especially in the sports industry and entertainment industry. The normalization of infidelity, lying and addictive behaviors is common in mainstream messaging and the lack of resources to get help is disheartening. We discuss this topic from both perspectives of being betrayed and the betrayer. Chris talks about the work he does everyday to continue to be the best man he can for himself and his family. Enjoy listening to the difficult, real, and unedited conversation with Katy and Chris.

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Episode 98: Millennial Dating, with Katarina

Kat joins Katy on Not A Great Whisperer Podcast to discuss the complicated reality of millennial dating. From dating during a global pandemic to the fluctuating dynamic between men and women in our time. Kat shares real life experiences and keeps us laughing. She brings so much comical banter to the conversation with different topics from dating apps, good and bad dates, how dating is vastly different between generations, and how technology helped during the pandemic to stay connected but also affected the way people communicate and their relationships. Katy and Kat have a lot of fun during this episode and also talk about swiping left and right. Enjoy the real, unedited conversation with Kat and Katy.

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Episode 97: FemaleGang, with Haylee Hehl

Haylee Hehl joins Not A Great Whisperer Podcast to talk about her journey as an entrepreneur and previously an educator. Haylee is the founder of The Rock Glove and co-founder of Female Gang with Elizabeth Horton. Haylee has always had a goal of becoming a #femaleboss and growing up with her sisters and mother she has always felt empowered to do what she loves. As a Vice Principal fresh out of college she finally took the leap to go into her own business and company with some guidance from mentors from Shark Tank. She is inspiring and loves motivating the people around her. The new product launch for FemaleGang happened on July 1st and nearly sold out. Haylee hopes to create a movement of empowerment through this line and inspire as many females from all walks of life to follow their dreams. Even through a move to Vegas and back to Florida and a few setbacks she continues to push forward with a clear mindset and positive focus. Listen to her story and experiences and don’t forget to visit femalegangco.com. Enjoy the real, unedited conversation with Haylee and Katy.

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