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Episode 118: Hope Grove with Heather Miniello

eather joins Not A Great Whisperer Podcast to talk about how her non-profit organization in Dunedin, Florida started. Hopr Grove started out of a personal need from Heather to build a village/support network for herself.

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Episode 117: A Beautiful Mess, with Maria Parrilla

Maria Parrilla joins Not A Great Whisperer to tackle some serious topics. Maria was born and raised in the heart of West Tampa and grew up with her sister and raised by her great grandparents and grandmother who instilled the value of “integrity” and “working for what you want”.

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Episode 114: EmpowHERment with Ambee Stephens

Ambee joins Not A Great Whisperer to chat with Katy. Ambee Stephens is the Founder and CEO of EmpowHERment, a women’s community center committed to helping women rise through support services, support groups, and empowerment workshops.

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Episode 112: Getting Creative with Laura Martinez

Laura joins Not A Great Whisperer to talk with Katy about her long past with immigration and the hard work that got her to where she is today. Laura is a creative professional with 15 years experience specializing in photography, design and social marketing.

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Episode 111: Committing to the journey, with Janelle Ford

Janelle joins Not A Great Whisperer to talk about her journey with Katy. Janelle is an author, transformational mind coach, mental wellness advocate, mother of 3 and a nonprofit founder. She is a woman who beat her mild depression and her defeated mindset by committing to her journey to learn where she was responsible for her own peace and genuine fulfillment.

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Happy 33rd Bday to Me!

Thirty-three years old! Why not now?! Let’s get crazy and weird and stop living in a bubble! As I sit back and tell my story,

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Why Would You Stay?

Wow…the amount of questions and comments I received the other day was actually wonderful and I think engaging in this type of conversation is helpful

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