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Episode 96: Making changes, with Holly Young

Holly Young joins Not A Great Whisperer Podcast to talk about her life and how she got on this health and lifestyle journey with her partner, Sean and their son, Sonni. We talk about her love story and becoming a mother and how to overcome all of the obstacles we are faced with. She is NASM certified and coaches a plethora of clients from all different backgrounds. We discuss her family and their vegan lifestyle and how it has absolutely changed their lives for the better. She is vibrant, relatable and honest. Holly discusses her dream of always living by the beach and how she made that happen. It is exciting to hear the adventurous life she leads and how she is focused on creating her career so others can join her on this experience to travel and be outdoors. She shares everything about being healthy while having a fun and balanced life. Enjoy the real, unedited conversation with Holly and Katy

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Episode 95: Cannabis, with DJ Howard

DJ Howard joins Not A Great Whisperer Podcast to talk about all things cannabis. DJ is an entrepreneur, advocate, educator, and master connector. He is the FL Chapter President for Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana (M4MM) and continues to support the community anyway he can. We discuss how he got on this journey and the experiences that led him to where he is today. DJ is also working to de-stigmatize cannabis in our communities including people whose lives are improved because of it and especially for those who have been negatively impacted most by the demonization of hemp. He is an inspiring person that will open your mind and give you hope about taking control of your physical and mental health. Our discussion is empowering and DJ is full of knowledge and information that will blow your mind. We also discuss his other company, with his girlfriend, Amber, Saved by the Treats. Look for DJ Howard through his companies Midas & Co. Marketing Services and Saved by the Treats or his podcast The Midas Touch or MM4M FL Chapter. Enjoy the real, unedited conversation with Katy and DJ.

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Episode 94: Van Life with Lisa and Chris

Lisa and Chris join Not A Great Whisperer Podcast from their #vanlife home. Both of them were born and raised just 15 miles apart in the beautiful beach towns of St. Petersburg and Clearwater in Florida, Chris and Lisa met in their 20s in Orlando where they attended University of Central Florida. After making a big move and living in California they made another big decision and decided to move again but this time very minimally and on the road. They had the ability to work remote, so they decided, after extensive research that #vanlife was for them. They talk about their beautiful home customized for their family and their passion project that turned into something bigger, Rove and Swig. Their amazing everyday adventure of meeting new people and traveling the world is inspiring and wonderful. Lisa and Chris talk about the friends and family that have been there along the way and the lifestyle they have created for themselves and their two dogs. They thoroughly enjoy traveling, craft beer and coffee. Visit them at roveandswig.com for their outdoor living and dining products. Listen in to the experiences they have encountered on their journey.  Enjoy the real, unedited conversation with Katy, Lisa, and Chris.

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Episode 93: Pro Wrestling and WWE, with Kelsey Heather

Kelsey Heather joins Not A Great Whisperer Podcast for the second time to give us an update on all the amazing new things she has been up to and how she started working towards becoming a WWE Wrestler. Kelsey has a professional cheerleading, dance and gymnastics background and continues to pursue all of her dreams with a very supportive spouse. She is still managing her busy schedule with coaching, and working. We talk about her first match and how much training and work she has put in to reach her goals as a Pro Wrestler. She is inspiring and passionate about what she does. Taking on a new goal is hard during any stage of life but Kelsey talks about how exciting and challenging it has been. Enjoy the real, unedited conversation with Kelsey and Katy.

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Episode 92: Styled by Salt Loft, with Abeba

Abeba Salter Liggins joins Not A Great Whisperer Podcast to talk about being a personal stylist and image consultant and also being an educator for over 20 years. Everything about Abeba is inspiring and intriguing. Her experience in the school system and with children shows you a perspective that is needed in today’s world. The story of how her and her wife met is beautiful and hilarious. She is confident and charismatic in all she does, especially her wardrobe. Abeba allows the world around her to inspire how she styles clients. Her experiences and love for fashion makes you eager to hear more. She is a published stylist whose work has been featured in Royaltee Magazine, by LeMeridien Tampa and a collaboration with Lane Bryant. Her love for travel, music, and color all play a role in executing the client’s styling desires with a focus on comfort. Enjoy the real, unedited conversation with Abeba and Katy.

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Episode 91: Social mobility and community transformation, with Jon Dengler

Jon Dengler joins Not A Great Whisperer Podcast to talk about how WellBuilt Bikes got started and how the community can get involved. WellBuilt Bikes is a non-profit bike shop that was the first social enterprise started under The Well, a local non-profit. WellBuilt sells refurbished bikes at affordable prices and then invests the sales revenue into an “earn a bike” program so that those that lack money can access the transportation they need to get around town by putting in community service. Jon talks about the amazing work he does everyday to support others and what working with the “materially poor” really entails. He talks about taking bikes that aren’t valued and people that aren’t valued and realize that there’s a lot of value in both of those things. Jon discusses his religious experience one night in college, after he ate a bunch of LSD. He has never been the same since and got into philosophy and religious studies. He is intriguing and inspiring. Jon hosts his own podcast The Work Ethic that you need to check out. Find out how you can get involved at http://www.bikeshoptampa.com and on IG @johnnyproduce. Enjoy the real, unedited conversation with Katy and Jon.

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Episode 90: Fit life, Mom life, Career Life, with Brittany Eguia

Brittany joins Not A Great Whisperer Podcast to talk about taking the big leap from her Government job to real estate. Brittany is a perfect example of hard work paying off and pushing everyday to do what makes you happy. Brittany has been an athlete her entire life and stays focused on her health and fitness. Her and her spouse have been together for over 15 years and continue to be each other’s rock through life’s many challenges and changes. Brittany is a mom and talks about her health and staying active, family life and work life. She is so thankful for her new career and making more time for her son. She talks about the hard days and good days and how making the right decisions for yourself is so important for your overall well being. She is encouraging and strong. Enjoy the real, unedited conversation with Katy and Brittany.

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Episode 89: Chuckuterie, with Chuck Safy in NY

Chuck Safy joins Not A Great Whisperer Podcast to talk about 2020, the year of self reflection and quitting his job in a pandemic and starting his own business, Chuckuterie. Chuck comes from a big Italian and Lebanese family and food is such an important part of every occasion. He has tons of college and work experience in catering and events. He brought everything he grew up knowing, and everything he learned to begin his new business, Chuckuterie. He thinks back to conversations and social get togethers and there was always a spread in front of him. His big personality and ability to turn food into a magical experience makes him stand out from all the other charcuterie businesses. Chuck chats about what keeps him inspired and motivated on this journey to success and what worked for him when he took the leap. Enjoy the unedited conversation with first cousins, Katy and Chuck.

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Episode 88: Road 2 Realty, with Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith joins Not A Great Whisperer Podcast to talk about her Road to Realty. Ashley is a Florida native born in Clearwater, and now resides in Apollo Beach with her son and fiance. Ashley is a mom and a true real estate professional and super passionate about her job. Her knowledge of the market, and her ambition to help others find a home is inspiring. She is driven by integrity and a true desire to make her clients dreams come true while removing the stress of the buying and selling process. Growing up she has experienced homelessness, living in hotels and renting. She takes her job seriously and is set out to not only be an amazing realtor but help educate people and families along the way. She is set out to change the way people think about homeownership and she is so motivating. She gives us a bunch of tips and advice that really can support decisions you make for your future, and change the assumptions people have about home ownership. Enjoy the real, unedited conversation with Ashley and Katy.

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Episode 87: Love, loss, and finding yourself with Carlos

Carlos joins Not A Great Whisperer Podcast to talk about love, loss and finding yourself at such a young age. He is an inspiring and intelligent human that Katy has been blessed to know for 10+ years. He surrounds himself with a strong group of people from all different backgrounds and stages in life. He talks about career and milestones that he always thought he needed to define who he was. He discusses the loss of his boyfriend and how he hit all the levels of grieving. He is at a season in his life that is focused on his personal growth and not letting society norms dictate where or who he needs to be. He is a kind and loving man that has experienced so much. Enjoy the unedited conversation with Katy and Carlos.

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