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Episode 86: Addiction affects the whole family, Sandra

Sandra joins Not a Great Whisperer Podcast to share her story with the world. Sandra is focused on starting a new organization, FasfaUnited. The mission is to arrange and facilitate the necessary support and resources to help families(partners,spouses,children,dependents) cope with and heal from the devastating results of loving a person who suffers from addiction. Her goal is to empower relatives to understand their role and define healthy boundaries. This has come to fruition because of the tragic loss of her husband from a drug overdose and her journey. She talks about the night she found out and the struggles they were trying to get through together. Addiction happens to all different types of people, from all different types of backgrounds. Her story is powerful and everything she is learning and doing to help others is inspiring. As a single mother with 4 kids and coping with her husband’s death, she is really pushing for families to have the support she was missing through recovery and the loss of her husband. Enjoy the real, unedited conversation of Sandra and Katy.

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Episode 85: Women’s Day is everyday, Vanessa Charles

Not a Great Whisperer Podcast is celebrating International Women’s Day with Vanessa Charles; a powerful, supportive, empowering woman. With lots of laughs and funny stories they talk about Vanessa and the season of life she is in and being 6 months into marriage. Vanessa’s passion is found in inspiring women to reach their greatest potential and believes in the power of community, especially in female dominated spaces. Vanessa is a real estate agent in the Tampa Bay Area, co-host of Hey, Babe! Podcast with her spouse Randy, certified breathwork facilitator, and founder of AMPLIFY, Florida’s Premier Women’s Leadership Event. She is a coach, speaker, founder and influential woman. She is leading women from everywhere to tap into their full potential and make the world a better place and change society norms. Get as empowered with Vanessa, as Katy did on the show! Enjoy a real, unedited conversation with Vanessa and Katy.

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Episode 84: Rise Up For Peace, Ms. Patricia Brown

Ms. Patrica Brown joins Not a Great Whisperer Podcast to talk about losing her son to gun violence in March 2020. Ms. Patrica shares her heartbreaking and powerful story about losing her youngest son and how it is an everyday battle for her. She decided to create the group, Rise Up for Peace, to help support other parents who have lost a child/children and to encourage the community to stop the violence. The first walk was a beautiful turnout with 200+ people from the community. The second peace walk is on March 20th, 2021 and will again be in partnership with The Tampa Police Department and Community Peace Advocate, Edie Darling at Robles Park. Ms. Patricia’s mission is to provide emotional support to families who have lost loved ones to senseless violence. Uniting as “One Voice, One Sound” against violence by joining forces with public officials, law enforcement and like minded organizations who have the heart for the hurting, helpless and hopeless individuals who are seeking closure and committed to the soul purpose of ushering peace, love and unity back into our communities. Enjoy the real, unedited conversation with Ms.Patricia and Katy.

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Episode 83: Empowering Differences, Ashley T Brundage

Ashley T. Brundage joins Not a Great Whisperer Podcast to talk about her new book, Empowering Differences. Ashley puts the book into action with her own journey of self exploration and was forced to find out how she fits into this world. In the book it discusses the 10 key empowering actions that Ashley incorporated to advance her career from a bank teller to a vice president of the national diversity and inclusion team in a major financial services corporation in less than 5 years. We also discuss her experience as a Trans Woman in a Corporate World. She is powerful and unique, and you need to go get her book and her workbook to put these steps into action. Enjoy the real, unedited conversation with Ashley and Katy.

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Episode 82: In honor of Hazel Rose, with Brittany and Paul

*Trigger Warning* Brittany and Paul join Not a Great Whisperer Podcast to talk about their first born, Hazel Rose. Hazel was born on October 10, 2017 making Brittany and Paul first time parents. They met their daughter at 34 weeks with no heartbeat. Brittany and Paul take you through the day she was born and their experience as a couple and as parents. They talk about how they both grieve differently, and how the nurses really did a beautiful job caring for them during this time. It is a powerful conversation and they explain this journey with such love and strength. You will be inspired by them and find out about the project that was created by them after losing Hazel Rose. The Hazel Project is a blanket donation to the Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA. The blankets are for the babies stillborn and go to the parents to take home with them, they still have Hazel’s to this day. Listen to the advice they give and how to be there for those who have lost loved ones. Let us all continue to be kind, because you never know the silent battle someone is fighting. Enjoy the real, unedited conversation with Brittany, Katy and Paul.

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Episode 81: Foster Parent, Kimberly

Kimberly joins Not a Great Whisperer Podcast to talk about her life as a foster parent and how she started this journey when she was a teenager. Katy has known Kimberly for a long time and learned so much during this episode.Kimberly goes through the journey of becoming a foster parent to her siblings and opening up as a foster home for young children. She is honest and real. Her experience and her life is inspiring.She educates us on fostering children and opens our hearts and minds on the subject people know very little about. Her strength and love are something to strive for. Enjoy the real, unedited conversation with Kimberly and Katy.

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Episode 80: My Diva, Jean Miclis MimiStylz

Jean joins Not a Great Whisperer Podcast to talk about thriving and surviving. Jean is a part of the trans community and continues to educate people and work hard to open people’s minds. She works multiple jobs and is thriving in her new home in Clearwater. Although she misses the melting pot of Miami she is happy to be in a new environment with new people and her family close by. Katy and Jean have known each other for over 10 years and have continued to cheer each other on in every endeavor. She is empowering, loving, and inspiring. She gives us a glimpse of her everyday hustle and how to stay focused on your personal growth. Enjoy the real, unedited conversation with Jean and Katy.

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Episode 79: Fostering Change and making an impact, George

George Agovino joins Not a Great Whisperer Podcast with his Heart of Gold to launch our Season 3 . His kindness and loving personality shines in this episode. George is a father, husband, foster parent, retired police officer and founder of the non profit, Fostering Change Foster Closet http://www.fosteringchangecloset . His family, including his amazing wife, who is a teacher, is doing so much for the kids and families in the community. Their mission is to partner with the community to provide material items and support to the families who care for the children in foster care, and other families that need the support , so they can flourish in their environment and begin the healing process. Fostering change is the first 24/7 foster closet because they understand the trauma children go through and they want to make sure there is minimal time the children have to wait to be placed in a home. Listen to his heartfelt stories and get inspired to help make a difference in children’s lives. From officer friendly to founder of a non profit and soon to be Early Learning Center for kids http://www.fosteringchangeelc.com ,George is changing the world one life at a time. Please follow George on facebook and click the websites to donate to the early learning center and give back! Enjoy the real, unedited conversation with Katy and George.

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Episode 78: Mom, PT and Entrepreneur, Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith joins Not a Great Whisperer Podcast to talk about balancing her 2 jobs and mom life. As a PT, Arbonne Consultant and Mom, Ashley stays engaged. She is empowering, funny, and caring. She gives us a glimpse of her everyday and being on the go. She talks about the misconception of multi level marketing and how Arbonne has really changed her life and helped her make the time she wants to spend with her family. She works as a PT while managing her own business in direct sales. She has determination and a lot of grit to make things work. Listen to her experience and why she made the change for her life. Enjoy the real, unedited conversation with Ashley and Katy.

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Episode 77: Success is Complicated, RaQuel Hopkins

RaQuel Hopkins joins Not a Great Whisperer Podcast from Houston, Texas as a certified Forbes Coaches Council Member. She discusses her journey as an Executive Coach, Leadership Coach, Life Coach, and Human Resources expert. She also opens up to have an honest and upfront conversation with our listeners. She felt compelled and motivated to discuss parts of her success and experience that she has hidden. She has years and years of experience in HR and works with clients from all different walks of life. She continues to further her education as she grows in her field. She is strong, intriguing, and authentic. Her Success is Complicated brand embodies staying true to yourself and being rooted in your own personal values. Listen to RaQuel embrace her whole story and give courage to others. Check her out at http://www.iamraquelhopkins and http://www.successiscomplicated.com . Enjoy the real, unedited conversation with RaQuel and Katy.

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