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Featured in Cosmo!

Check it out! I was featured in the Cosmopolitan article “What IVF Really Feels Like, According to 12 Women Who Did It.” The article includes perspectives

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Infertility Sucks

I am at a point in my life where I enjoy educating people and letting people know that prying into people’s lives without genuine love

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Episode 140: Squats and Margaritas with, Erin Washington

Erin Washington joins Not A Great Whisperer Podcast to talk about everything from struggles to finding balance. Erin is the host of Squats and Margaritas podcast. Erin Washington is a lifestyle blogger and former college D1 athlete who struggled with weight, body image, and eating disorders for 20 years.

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Episode 139: Rich in Real Life with, Jessica Hurley

Jessica Hurley joins Not A Great Whisperer podcast to talk about her next season she calls Rich in Real Life. She is the Host of “Rich in Real Life” where she has real conversations about life, the ups, the downs & everything in-between.

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Episode 137: Animal Based Bae, Lindsay DeAguila

Lindsay aka Animal Based Bae joins Not A Great Whisperer Podcast. Her work is driven by the question: “How can one build, hone, expand and thrive in physical and emotional resilience?” Lindsay’s goal is to inspire people to revolutionize their lives through an ancestral way of eating and upgrade their physical strength.

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