Offering services dedicated to solidifying and scaling processes for company growth while maintaining a strong culture during the transition. This helps balance personal and professional settings for all parties involved. This allows for expansion and the ability to change processes with a seamless approach. The services provided assist in the growth during changes within the established company or start-up company.



Onsite or offsite training for all departments, including sales, lead generation, marketing, and leadership. Collateral included for internal and external use.

Inside Sales

Analyze processes and revamp to focus on growth and success for the individual and teams. Includes sales funnel management and organizational responsibilities and roles.

Call Center Management

Experience in managing large teams of 30-50 reps in a call center environment. Analyzing the current processes and focusing on minimizing turnover and implementing a seamless approach. Includes lead generation,inside sales, and customer service teams. We support onboarding and continuous training.



Brainstorming sessions that focus on strengthening and accelerating the performance of different teams and individuals.

People Focused Mentoring

1:1 for Leadership

Includes both professional and personal goals
Improving leadership skills
Building and expanding teams
Defining goals and increasing motivation

Group Mentoring

Strengthen the performance of teams
Analyze the strengths and challenges of each team member
Assist in work/life balance
Support in maintaining a strong culture through change


Dissect company culture and processes
Define all roles and responsibilities of every department
Scheduled checkpoints for understanding and clarity

Maximizing Productivity

Delivering value
Establishing daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals
Motivating in numbers

Lead Generation

Lead generation techniques customized for your business to generate revenue, this includes scrubbing and establishing processes for current call out and follow up procedures. Collateral available for team members for internal and external use.

Customer Service

Customer service do’s and dont’s for your team for inbound or outbound support and account management support.

Sales Management

Projected revenue reports and sales funnels for all teams to accelerate performance and numbers. Collateral available for team members for internal and external use.

Marketing Strategy

Consultations to discuss what you are currently doing and strategically plan new marketing initiatives to focus on business growth and collaboration with sales teams.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements that involve women in business, leadership, overcoming infertility, support for families of addiction, and youth events to represent turning your life around.



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