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Katy Rey

Katy Rey is the

Co-founder of Humans First Coaching
Founder of Fostering Hearts FL
Host of Not A Great Whisperer Podcast
Founder of the annual event, CelebrateYOU

Katy has been a leader in the sales and marketing industry for over 15 years. Her vigor and enthusiasm for life present themselves in her interactions with others and through her speaking events. She unites herself with organizations to empower one another to live life authentically by owning their stories and not being defined by labels.

After experiencing multiple setbacks and obstacles in her own life and career, Katy chose to maintain an unstoppable attitude and overcame the challenges in her path. She has dedicated herself to helping others achieve their life goals as a coach and by impacting thousands of lives in a positive way through her organizations and everyday interactions.

Do What Makes You Happy & Be Kind To Others



As a leader in the Sales and Marketing industry for over 15 years, my experience extends from a wide range of technology conglomerates and forerunners such as Samsung, Dell and Tesla, Inc. Maintaining cultures, solidifying and scaling processes during company growth or developmental periods is my passion. 

As a leader, I avidly prepare individuals for professional and personal growth leading them to an overall better quality of life.  My vigor and enthusiasm for life presents itself in my interactions with others. Dedicating myself to the life goal of helping individuals daily allows me to impact thousands of lives in a positive way. 


As a woman who has been given many labels, some including infertile female, and felon I make it a point to be vocal about these experiences to remove the shame surrounding them. I was arrested at a young age for cultivation and possession, I am here to be an example for others that life can turn around. It woke me up to make a change and help the youth make better decisions. 

Many women, men, and couples struggle through infertility. As a woman who went through IVF and the infertility obstacles, I can tell you this is not a topic to keep hush. Education and awareness are key. Community helps us stay connected and not feel alone throughout this time of struggle. I work with infertility groups, as well as healthcare to make this community stronger. Hopefully, through my experience, I can help lead the way.


As the wife of a recovering addict, I can assure you that this is not a label that is very accepted in society. It is a very mute topic for many, and it is an integral part of my life. This label does not define me, and I want to give families hope that things can turn out for the best and the challenges they are facing today can always change tomorrow for the better. 

My fear was being seen as a weak individual for supporting someone through recovery, but for me, it helped me build my strength and find my purpose. Your journey is yours and you must own that and try to focus on your growth.


As a daughter of an amazing gay dad, I am an ally to the LGBTQ+ community. I firmly believe that you should judge people on their character not who they love, who they pray to or where they are from. I grew up hearing and seeing the judgement and opinions of my family and how people thought we should be living. I would not change this experience of having a mom and step dad and a dad and step dad for anything. 

I enjoy sharing my experience with different groups of people to open minds and give a different perspective for people to be educated and think about how they can do better in their own lives for others. Being kind and letting others live in happiness and peace should not be a hard decision to make.

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