My Story

As a consultant and leader in the Sales and Marketing industry for over 8 years, my experience extends from a wide range of technology conglomerates and forerunners such as Samsung, Dell, and Tesla, Inc. Maintaining cultures, solidifying and scaling processes during company growth or developmental periods is my passion. As a leader, I avidly prepare individuals for professional and personal growth leading them to overall better quality of life.

“Your business is an extension of your identity”

– Tony Robbins

“My purpose is to help others find their purpose.” – Katy Rey

Consulting & Services

I love working with teams and individuals personally and professionally. Coaching and mentoring through change is essential in personal and professional life. I discover standard practices and daily routines that help people lead the life they deserve. Through my experiences and a people-focused approach, I can coach individuals and teams.



Onsite or offsite training for all departments, including sales, lead generation, marketing, and leadership. Collateral included for internal and external use.



Brainstorming sessions that focus on strengthening and accelerating the performance of different teams and individuals.



Speaking engagements involving women in business, overcoming infertility, families of addiction or youth events to represent turning your life around and not being overwhelmed by society norms.



Personal mentoring, strengthening the performance of teams and individuals, improving leadership skills, and much more.

Interviewing ordinary people living extraordinary lives on their own terms. Not a great whisperer is focused on owning your truth, being vulnerable and empowering people to do the same. We support so many communities of people and hope we can make an impact on the lives of others and be happy in the present. Join us for different topics and guests every week with unedited conversations to wow our listeners.


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