So you look at me and you see happy go lucky woman.

But the layers that are formed inside of me are because of what I have seen.

I have seen so much lies and deceit, yet I see the good in all it can be.

I have seen the tears and the fears, yet I seem to know things will eventually be okay, and we all can be free.

I see the setbacks and live the hardships , yet I smile from it all.

My father hid a secret for years and came to us with honesty and truth and now I am a child of divorce. But with this I survived some of the hardest judgements of my time, and watching him free to be himself and live a life he could only dream. Gay and happy has so much beauty.

I have survived the bad decisions I have made that were not truly me, and I was found behind bars without a place to go. But you know I might be a ex felon for life, but I will always be full of love and good times and experiences that I can’t buy.

I went on the journey of infertility and I felt the emptiness inside. Infertile I will always be and the obstacles are a plenty but damn am I blessed to be a mom of 3, all because of this thing called science.

I survived infidelity not knowing why this happened to me. Lost without a path in sight but got to find the girl that I had once left behind. there will be things that break your heart but it will remind your of your vision. I picked up all the broken pieces and I got to the truth I needed for me.

So if survivor to you means lessons learned and experiences a plenty, then I am a survivor of life, so bring it on , the world is full of many.