Not what you expected:

– They say I should be embarrassed.

– They say I should be sad.

– They say they are sorry for me.

– They can’t believe what happened to me.


– I say this is life.

– I say I am stronger than what is happening to me.

– I say “I can’t be stopped.”


– They say I sound crazy.

– They say I should not be okay.

– They tell me to stay quiet.


– But without my voice, I am like everyone else.

– I say I refuse to stay silent.

– I will have those that love me and those that hate me, but my truth is mine. No offense to anyone but you don’t have to like it.


I will always have my story and although my journey tried to break me more than once… I came out swinging and fierce as fuck in the end. I love me and that is all that matters. Get ready world, because real shit is about to happen. We are about to change lives.