A letter written to my daughter so she can remain true to yourself and vulnerable to life to keep her grounded:

You are enough

You are worth it

Kindness is the most beautiful trait you can ever have

Laughter is the best medicine

You are not weak because you cry, keep being yourself and the emotional being you are

You are your biggest cheerleader (besides me, your mom)

Don’t let the ugliness in the world take over your dreams. There is still a lot of good, find those people

Learn through my mistakes as well as yours but never regret anything

I will not always give the best advice, go with your heart

Never let someone else’s judgments navigate your thoughts

You are worth it

You are enough

Your heart will break at some point and you will feel lost, go to the ones that will hug you through it

You are so strong and never let anyone tell you differently

You don’t need anyone to feel whole, you can do that for yourself

Be a great friend because your friends will get you through some hard times

You are worth it

You are enough

Read and travel, don’t let society tell you there is a milestone you have to be at as a woman

Stand up for what you know is right, and know that I will always have your back

When you fall in love make sure that person knows just how amazing you are because YOU already know just how amazing you are

You will make mistakes and fail, take that as a lesson learned and be better than you were yesterday

Help others, life is so short, and good people are so important

Don’t forget how much I love you and your success is measured by the love you give and receive

Confidence does not make you a bitch, those people are just intimidated, let them continue to talk

Do what you need to for yourself, you have nothing to prove to anybody

Strong men and strong women empower other women. Be careful who you surround yourself with

You don’t have to know everything, just make sure to learn something new every day

Love whoever you want, but make sure they’re good for your soul

You are worth it

You are enough

Not everyone that knows you knows what is good for you. Know yourself and know how to choose for yourself

Just because they love you doesn’t mean they know what is best for you

Remind yourself often how beautiful you are, and that society norms are not always right

I love you no matter what, and will always be proud of you

You, my beautiful daughter, will always be worth it


Love your mom, Katy