Not A Great Whisperer
Not A Great Whisperer
Episode 116: Taquisha Takes Real Estate, with Taquisha McCluster

Taquisha McCluster joins Not A Great Whisperer to talk about her journey as a mother, spouse and as a professional. She is 33 years old and was born and raised in the Tampa Bay Area. She got her real estate license 5 years ago and is so happy with her decision. She really prides herself on knowing all regions, school systems, and the vast number of communities in the Tampa Bay area. She grew to love all things marketing and gets passionate about discussing with her clients the best ways to market their home or helping find their dream home. We talk about the chaos and the changes that can happen everyday in real estate and how important educating others is. She wears many hats and has 3 beautiful kids and has been married for 19 years. Enjoy the real, unedited conversation with Taquisha and Katy.

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  1. This is awesome . She’s definitely a great Realtor for sure. Thanks for sharing your story

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