Not A Great Whisperer
Not A Great Whisperer
Episode 147: Unleashing Strength with Lindsey White – A Tale of Triumph Over Adversity

In this powerhouse episode, Katy Rey sits down with the unstoppable Lindsey White, Tampa’s own #1 Amazon Best-Selling author and a beacon of resilience.

Lindsey isn’t just surviving; she’s thriving and redefining what it means to combat life’s toughest battles. With a history marred by physical abuse, emotional trauma, and daunting health challenges, she’s emerged not only as a survivor but as a warrior, using her experiences as a catalyst for generational change and empowerment.

Lindsey’s journey isn’t just a story – it’s an odyssey of courage, grit, and relentless spirit.

But this episode isn’t about recounting woes. Lindsey is here to pour out her powerhouse of energy, inspiring you to harness your own strength to control your chaos. She’s a living testament that when life throws curveballs, you grab them and write your own playbook.

As a business builder and a life shaper, Lindsey is driven by a profound purpose: not just to share her story, but to guide others in navigating their own struggles. She understands the weight of bottled-up experiences, the silent ‘now what?’ that echoes after each life challenge. With her, it’s about transforming personal battles into universal lessons of resilience and hope, helping others find their footing in the midst of chaos.

Lindsey knows the art of balancing the personal with the professional. She understands intimately how stress can be a silent enemy and emphasizes the life-saving importance of self-grace and advocacy. With health challenges that include multiple sclerosis, Behcet’s blood disease, a necessary hysterectomy, and a new battle with an eye disease, her story is a masterclass in resilience and self-care.

But amidst the trials, there’s an undying love – for her mother. A guiding light, a source of endless inspiration, her mother’s wisdom and love have been Lindsey’s anchor through life’s storms. And when the noise gets too much, Lindsey follows her mother’s simple yet profound advice: “Look up.” In nature’s embrace, amidst the calming sounds of the outdoors, she finds her peace, her moment of grace.

As her upcoming book, “Control Your Chaos” gears up for release in February 2024, Lindsey’s message is clear: Embrace your journey, be your fiercest advocate, and never feel you’re walking your path alone. Get ready to be inspired, and empowered, and feel deeply connected with Lindsey’s story on this episode of Katy Rey’s podcast.

Lindsey’s mantra? Slow down, look up. A simple phrase that encapsulates a universe of wisdom.

Tune in to experience the magnetic force of Lindsey White – where every challenge is met with a fire that refuses to dim.