Not A Great Whisperer
Not A Great Whisperer
Episode 146: From Hidden Shadows to Authentic Light – Noelle Soncrant's Unyielding Journey

From Hidden Shadows to Authentic Light: Noelle Soncrant’s Unyielding Journey

Katy Rey welcomes you to another soul-stirring episode, this time, spotlighting Noelle Soncrant. Dive deep into the heart of a woman who’s grappled with her true identity since childhood and is now courageously carving out her authentic path as a transgender individual amidst societal judgment and prejudice.

Raised in a conservative, small Midwest town with little exposure to the LGBTQIA community, Noelle felt the pang of being “different” by age ten. Bullying and isolation were so severe that she concocted a facade she believed she’d have to uphold indefinitely. Finding solace in college athletic departments during her college years and beyond, Noelle wore the mask so convincingly that none suspected the tempest beneath.

However, as the years rolled by and the mask began to crack, Noelle’s internal battle threatened the wellbeing of her family. It was a stark intervention from her then-wife that catalyzed Noelle’s journey toward understanding and self-acceptance. Noelle started her transformative journey about a year ago.

In the vast expanse of a corporate giant like Northwestern Mutual, boasting over 14,000 employees, Noelle shines as its singular transgender beacon. As she skillfully navigates her role as a financial advisor, the company and her local colleagues have risen as pillars of unwavering support, creating an environment of genuine acceptance and encouragement throughout her transformative journey.

But in her day-to-day life, she faces the unrelenting glare of society—stares, snickers, and ridicule—the perpetual “death by a thousand paper cuts” as she aptly describes. The relentless challenges of living in a state like Florida, which isn’t the most welcoming toward the LGBTQIA community, only amplifies her daily battles.

Yet, beneath the exterior, Noelle’s spirit is indomitable. Anchoring her strength in practices like yoga, immersing herself in books like “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle, and fueling her soul by helping others, she constantly rises above. Her community involvement, from volunteering at myriad organizations to hosting annual fundraisers, underlines her intrinsic need to give back and create a world more accepting than the one she grew up in.

Tune in to witness Noelle’s raw and profound narrative, a poignant reminder that the path to authenticity, though laden with trials, can usher in unmatched strength and clarity. Experience the life of a person who, despite the scars of societal norms, is unyieldingly and beautifully transcending towards her truest self.